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Change is Coming


I’ve got some really exciting news that we’ll be diving into in today’s FinalVibe Podcast episode. Spoiler alert: my wife, Jacqueline, is pregnant (she also joins us on the show)! We’re having a baby boy this summer and we could not be more excited. I have now spent the last 3 months dreaming and daydreaming about what the future might look like.

I am writing this evening to let you know that with this news I have decided to make some changes to my day-to-day life and routine, and that includes FinalVibe. I bought the domain for on April 13, 2020 after a few weeks of life in quarantine. During this stretch of life, I spent a lot of time thinking about my purpose, who I am, who I was pretending to be, and what I wanted to do. As any Millennial would do, I decided to turn these thoughts and my pursuit to find answers into something public. And as I tend to do, I skipped...

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I found this video on Sunday morning, hit play without checking the length (49 minutes), and watched it straight through. I didn’t expect to spend the rest of the day questioning… everything. Is there a chance that I get to hear the President and/or the Pope discuss a new reality in my lifetime? It might sound crazy, but after these recent comments from former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, I would say the chances are greater than 0%.

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And just like that, January 2021 is in the books. The end of the first month of the year is a great time to reflect on what aspects of your routine are working, not working, and what adjustments need to be made to stay on track.

I decided to do a different “challenge” every month this year, which started with no alcohol in January. I’m now four hours away from achieving the goal and it feels good to have that win in my back pocket heading into the second month of the year. We’ll see how I feel after these beers I have on ice for the stroke of midnight (kidding, kidding).

So, what’s the February challenge? If I tell you, you have to promise to do it with Andrew and I.

We’re calling it 5:30 February, or 530FEB for the t-shirts (kidding again), and we’ll both be committing to getting out of our warm and comfortable beds at 5:30am, Monday - Friday, through the month of February. For me...

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Good years. Bad years. Boring years. Wild years.

None of us asked to be here, but we find ourselves on a planet with 7 billion people, cruising around the sun at 1,000mph. Some people say they have it figured out and they know why we’re here. Others don’t. But as we all collectively sit in this present moment, and watch another year disappear, let’s take some time today to ask the “why”. Why do you think we are here? Does that change the way you behave? Should it? Why don’t or haven’t you done that thing you have always wanted to do?

We aren’t guaranteed much in life, and 2020 has shown us that. One thing we are guaranteed is this present moment. The years go by quick and December 31 is a great time to reflect on that fact. These small and often mundane present moments add up, quickly, to weeks, months, years, decades, lives. We’re fortunate that we can fill our present moments with...

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People, Not Pixels

Pixels Web.png

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person.

Sara Konrath, PhD, a researcher from Indiana University, says there is scientific research to back up the notion that Americans are caring less for others and more about themselves. While a specific reason is difficult to point to, it is not a stretch to say our digital lives might have us to interacting with more people than ever before, while simultaneously removing genuine connection.

Is it too late? What can we do?

Konrath says, “There are many, many different ways and lots of research trying to increase empathy. I don’t think there’s one way. The first thing I would say is that, we have to want to, it has to be important to us. The motivation really matters. Then from there, there’s many ways. There’s research showing that, for example, reading fiction actually helps to increase empathy, and also...

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26 Weeks Later


A FinalVibe Podcast has officially been uploaded on Tuesday morning for the last 26 weeks straight. That means this movement has been going strong for half a year, since late May, and what a year it has been. I’ve always wanted to start a podcast, but I was worried about the usual things you worry about before pursuing something new: what if I suck? What if it fails? And maybe the scariest of all – what if people listen?⁣

Andrew, my co-host, and I have interviewed some amazing individuals since embarking on this journey, and we both have learned a lot through these discussions. In six months we have interviewed restaurant owners (episodes 2, 20), parents and grandparents, a journalist (4), an entrepreneur and speaker (11), a farmer (5), college athletes (16), the coach of the Golden Girls (13), a Muay Thai fighter (15) and so many more.⁣

Every person we have talked to has been...

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A Purpose.

Launching a lifestyle brand about legacy in the middle of a pandemic has been a fun challenge and, in a way, the world we have lived in since March has led to millions of people changing their perspective. We believe our purpose is now more important than ever.

Purpose Statement.png

Writing a purpose statement creates a framework for future decisions. When actions and habits originate from a declaration of purpose, our goals are more easily accomplished. As FinalVibe continues to grow, we hear more stories of people who have decided to pursue their own FinalVibe, and it’s inspiring to see what so many have already accomplished. To say the movement is just getting started is an understatement, and we’re excited to see where you all go from here. If you wondering how you can get started, consider writing a personal purpose statement like ours above. Just a sentence or two that clearly states what you want to...

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Labor Day Weekend 2020 Vlog

A ride on the Katy Trail to the Main Street Diner in Boonville, the dogs get a package, and we meal prep one of our favorites - Korean Beef - after a visit to some grocery stores. Another day-in-the-life vlog that was demanded by so, so many people.

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Public Pursuit of Legacy

When I first dreamed up FinalVibe and thought about what I would love to see this brand become, I knew that it involved a group of people (FinalVibers?) documenting their journeys through success. How they wanted to document - blogs, vlogs, a private Instagram account shared with friends, a podcast, etc. - that doesn’t matter. What matters is that FinalVibers are pursuing a better version of themselves and sharing the highs and lows along the way. I think doing this is helpful for two big reasons. First, the FinalVibe community and your own friends/following will cheer you on along the way and hold you accountable. Secondly, your eventual success will likely motivate someone else to pursue their own FinalVibe, and what’s cooler than that?

My dream is that searching for ‘FinalVibe’ will one day show you an endless thread of individuals living the FinalVibe mindset one day at a time. I...

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