Change is Coming


I’ve got some really exciting news that we’ll be diving into in today’s FinalVibe Podcast episode. Spoiler alert: my wife, Jacqueline, is pregnant (she also joins us on the show)! We’re having a baby boy this summer and we could not be more excited. I have now spent the last 3 months dreaming and daydreaming about what the future might look like.

I am writing this evening to let you know that with this news I have decided to make some changes to my day-to-day life and routine, and that includes FinalVibe. I bought the domain for on April 13, 2020 after a few weeks of life in quarantine. During this stretch of life, I spent a lot of time thinking about my purpose, who I am, who I was pretending to be, and what I wanted to do. As any Millennial would do, I decided to turn these thoughts and my pursuit to find answers into something public. And as I tend to do, I skipped over easing into it and put a podcast studio in my basement. Through the podcast we were able to ask over 30 people the question: what do you want your legacy to be? It’s a heavy question but you can learn so much from the answer. It’s a great one to ask yourself (maybe not on a podcast) and then meditate on the answer for a while. Like, an uncomfortable amount of time. I started doing that, and I realized I needed to make some changes. Mostly, I need to disconnect.

I spend an unbelievable amount of time connected to the digital world. I won’t even lie and say it’s because of my job - and I could have used that excuse before Zoom. I am simply addicted to screens, news, politics, comment sections, sorting by controversial, you name it. As I sit here today thinking about having a son walking around on this earth with me, I realize I want to be in a better state of mind when he gets here. The only way for me to do that is to remove some big things from my physical calendar and my mental calendar - and they are very different things. So, I am going to hit pause on my personal social media channels, as well as FinalVibe social and the FinalVibe Podcast. I am going to walk the walk without talking the talk for once (except on the blog, did I say that?) and refocus. I have been blogging (very off-again) in some fashion since 2004 and, let’s be honest, I need some sort of outlet occasionally. Also, baby photos. I’m kidding. But probably a few.

I’ll be trying my best to live the FinalVibe lifestyle and watching a brand-new legacy form right before my eyes.

More to come, always. (I’m a Millennial, after all)


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