To a Great 2020

“So what exactly is FinalVibe?”

FinalVibe is a lifestyle. FinalVibe is a mindset. FinalVibe is your ideal legacy.

As co-founder Andrew White puts it:
“Legacy, the way I see it, is all about the way I’ll be remembered when I die. I’m not afraid to talk about legacy because I’m not afraid to think about death. As far as I can tell, death is a non-negotiable reality for everyone, so for me the question becomes, ‘How am I going to live my life in light of the legacy I want to leave behind?’ As bizarre as this may sound to some, there’s some part of me that looks eagerly forward to my final moments – those last few hours of life when things have gotten insurmountably grim in terms of my physical health (if I should be so fortunate to see death coming).

But, why?

Because for me, those moments will be the quintessential moments of truth - the moments of ultimate accumulation in which everything I have ever been and ever will be on this earth is reduced to its final sum. No more opportunity. No more second chances.

Just you and your reflections of regret or reward.

Heavy? Absolutely. But, I think there’s power in preparing for your final vibe.”

There isn’t a better way to put it. I think a lot of people are going to wake up tomorrow, Monday, July 6, 2020, with the most bizarre year of their lives half behind them. COVID-19 is a reality. Job losses are a reality. Racial injustice is a reality. The world never being the same is a reality.

There are a lot of very real things that we cannot control. How we respond, though, is always something we can control. I plan to treat tomorrow like the start of a new year, and I think you should, too. Write out some of your resolutions for the real 2020. How can you improve your mind, your body, and the world around you over the next 6 months? Write these out (you can even use the V2.01 FinalVibe template) and get started. If you can come out of this year a better person than you are today, despite everything the world has been through, you’ll know you can do anything. And you can.

FinalVibe is all about creating and curating content to help you accomplish the goals you create for yourself. Our podcast features interviews with people from all walks of life to learn more about how other people achieve success. Our journaling templates help you keep track of your thoughts and habits. Our apparel is, well, really dope. And our memberships provide you direct access to other people living the lifestyle. FinalVibe exists to help and celebrate people through their journey of success.

To a great 2020 -


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